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Cultivated plant taxonomy affects plant registration, crop testing, collection curation, academic study, publishing, field botany, retail, legislative enforcement and gardening.

CPT News is published once or twice each year by Hortax as a mechanism for facilitating coordinated communication and activity between all those who have a botanical, cultural, ecological or legalĀ  interest in cultivated plant taxonomy matters.

If you would like to submit material for inclusion in the next CPT News, contact James Armitage.

CPT Newsletter Archive

european cpt forumS

The first European Cultivated Plant Taxonomists Forum was held in April 2015 at RHS Garden Wisley. A second Forum is being planned.

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The Collections section provides links to a wide variety of online and physical resources which support the classification of cultivated plants.

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Lost Names project

The Lost Names Project aims to present the wealth of taxonomic information already in existence, and to bring to light as yet undiscovered material.

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natag decisions

The Nomenclature and Taxonomy Advisory Group (NATAG) is a committee of taxonomists including representatives from academia, cultivar registration and publishing who deliberate on potential taxonomic and nomenclatural questions.

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